1.1 First Aid & Personal Protective Equipment

First Things First

Job site accidents and injuries as a result of tools and equipment being misused or failing are quite common. Cuts and punctures from sharp objects, contusions from blunt objects or impacts, burns from open flame torches and hot pipes, splashing of chemicals or debris to the eyes, and electrical shock are just a few of the common injuries associated with the building maintenance trade.

As construction and maintenance processes offer the potential for many types of traumatic and life threatening injuries, workers in skilled trades should be aware of the hazards and be prepared to respond in the event of an injury. While many industry tasks are performed by a single person, often isolated from others, it is recommended that industry workers receive First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 or 30 Hour Training for Construction certificates. Training will enable industry trades-persons to better assess workplace hazards and respond to them appropriately, whether an incident involves yourself, a teammate, or others on the job site. In person, hands-on First Aid/CPR training can be found through local health and welfare organizations, educational institutions (credit or non-credit), and medical providers. OSHA in person courses can be found at local educational institutions (credit or non-credit), and in online formats through various educational institutions and commercial providers.

First Aid Kit

Although we all hope that we never need one, a first aid kit should be kept on the service vehicle or on the job site at all times. Be sure your first aid kit has you prepared for the type of injuries connected to your field of work. The size of the first aid kit should reflect the number of employees kit is intended to service. Most commercial first aid kits are rated by the amount of people or employees to be served.


First Aid Kit

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