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You know that each person has differing levels of knowledge about Hawaiʻi[1] law, but not everyone is aware that people also have different feelings about the law. The way you feel about the law impacts their willingness and ability to learn about it, and how you can best remember it for the future. The personality test above helps you to identify how you feel about the law, and to help each type of person to become more comfortable with the law, each chapter ends with key takeaways that includes specific information for each personality type.

Each chapter of the book contains online activities, such as interactive videos, embedded flashcards, and drag and drops, to allow you to test yourself on how well you are understanding the materials. If you are taking reading this book in conjunction with the Kapiʻolani Community College’s LAW 101 course, the Hawai’i Legal System,  these interactive opportunities may count towards your grade, but even if you are not taking the course, participating in the activities will help you to consolidate the information and recall it in the future.

This book is also designed as a resource for all students, whether enrolled in the course or not, and beyond that, all state residents.




  1. This book uses the Hawaiian spelling of the word Hawaiʻi, including the ʻokina (glottal stop), wherever possible, especially in government documents. However, that spelling is not used if the original source did not use it.


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