49 Matching Game

In this section, you’ll find numbers described in various ways: as fractions, as points on a number line, as decimals, and in a picture. Your job is to match these up in a way that makes sense.

Note: there may be more than one fraction to match a given decimal, or more than one picture to match a given point on the number line. So be ready to justify your answers.


(a) \displaystyle\frac 1 5 (b) \displaystyle \frac 1 3 (c) \displaystyle \frac 2 3
(d) \displaystyle \frac 9 8 (e) \displaystyle \frac{15}{16} (f) \displaystyle\frac {25}{100}
(g) \displaystyle\frac 3 4 (h) \displaystyle \frac {33}{100} (i) \displaystyle\frac {3}{25}
(j) \displaystyle \frac 1 4 (k) \displaystyle \frac 6 5 (\ell) \displaystyle\frac {2}{5}
(m) \displaystyle \frac {4}{100} (n) \displaystyle \frac {2}{10} (o) \displaystyle \frac {1}{2}

Points on a number line

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3

Point 4

Point 5

Point 6

Point 7

Point 8

Point 9

Point 10

Point 11

Point 12

Point 13


(i) 1.20 (ii) 0.\overline{6} (iii) 0.33
(iv) 0.25 (v) 0.5 (vi) 0.200
(vii) 0.75 (viii) 0.\overline{3} (ix) 0.2
(x) 1.125 (xi) 0.12 (xii) 0.04
(xiii) 0.40 (xiv) 0.50 (xv) 0.9375


Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture D

Picture E

Picture F

Picture G

Picture H

Picture I

Picture J

Picture K

Picture L

Picture M

Picture N

Picture O

Picture P

Picture Q

Picture R


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